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Welcome. You are invited to join us in asking more of tabletop games.

We're here for anyone whose standards for tabletop gaming have increased since they started playing games.


Not long ago, a drab euro game with flimsy cardboard and beige artwork could become a hit. Times have changed. We are working to see that they continue to change, and raising questions about what players deserve in their tabletop games that they aren't getting today.

Led by a veteran team in Vancouver BC, Bellows Intent has set out to publish games that serve players differently. We are chronicling our journey along the way as we learn from engaged players and adjacent industries that have a thing or two to teach us in tabletop. Our first game, An Age Contrived, features personalization and product engineering as two new frontiers to affect the player experience.

If you've ever felt disappointed in your board games' contribution to the perfect game night, we relate to you.

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